Memories of Me

I’m having a little bit of a nightmare tonight, and unfortunately the blog post I was preparing isn’t quite ready… *sigh*. But although it’s a little bit of a cheat, I thought I would share this blog post I made recently instead. I’m still pretty busy sorting the things I was back in July. Curse my excellent procrastination! I’ll be back tomorrow with a shiny new blog post. Until then, take care everyone x

Light Writes

As I’m uploading this, I have been really awful at blogging this week and I’m sorry for missing TWO uploads! Procrastination has been my worst enemy which isn’t so great when you are preparing to leave the country… Anyway, here I am and as I’ve been sorting through things I have found lots of little things with big meanings around my room. It has inspired me to share them with you.

Firstly the idea came when I found my first camera. I believe I had it as a gift when I was twelve from my grandparents. It was the first year I discovered YouTubers and I was absolutely enamoured by the idea of vlogging life so that everything could be remembered. (At the time I had once tried to explain this feeling to my friend but she didn’t really get it!) Mostly I took pictures which are still dotted around…

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Cherokee Wolves

Tonight I simply wanted to reblog this post. It was the second post I ever wrote and I’m still standing by this philosophy today! I’m proud of this post and am happy I can share it now for more people to see. One crucial piece of advice I would give to new bloggers is to never hold back – even if you think you’re giving too much for too little, you can always revive things later as I may have the tendency to do during Blogtober! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blast from the past, and I will see you again tomorrow 😶🍂

Light Writes

The story of the two wolves is one I always cherish. It’s a soft and charming philosophy. Also perfect for those seeking some uplifting guidance without being too convoluted or complicated!

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